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Peerless Boilers manufactures a complete line of gas and oil-fired residential and commercial heating products. Boilers are available for both hot water and steam applications and several models qualify for the ENERGY STAR® rating for high-efficiency. All Peerless boilers are backed by a complete warranty, one of the best in the industry. Visit www.PeerlessBoilers.com for more information .

The Burnham Hydronics product offering is the broadest in the industry and includes many products that meet the government's ENERGY STAR guidelines. Burnham is proud to offer our customers products that meet this guideline.

Choose from Burnham Hydronics' hot water or steam, oil or gas fired, cast iron or steel boilers, and from Burnham-brand indirect water heaters, cast iron radiation and heat distributors, PEXc radiant heat piping, and controls.

This wide selection gives you the flexibility to incorporate everything from high-end radiant floor systems to basic retrofit boiler installations.

There is a Burnham Hydronics product right for your application

With headquarters in Lenago, Italy, RIELLO has been manufacturing premium quality burners for over 80 years. RIELLO 40 SERIES High-Efficiency Oil Burners not only deliver low energy consumption and quiet, worry free performance, they're the most reliable combustion technology on the market. Quality engineered for reliability, combined with fuel and power efficiency, RIELLO BURNERS are environmently friendly, easy to install and service - which are all hallmarks of RIELLO'S
Advanced Burner Technology.

Ruud has been a trusted name in the United States for many years. One of the world's leading manufacturers of central heating and cooling products, Ruud distributes its full line of residential and commercial products around the globe.

New Yorker Boiler

 For Years of Comfort
 New Yorker cast iron boilers combine the economy and durability of cast iron with the reliability of high quality components.

An Economical Choice
The CL cast iron heat exchanger and boiler design maximize heat transfer for the most efficient use of fuel—saving valuable heating dollars. With an optional built-in tankless domestic water heater, it can also provide abundant hot water for your household. Add an Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) up to 86% and the CL Series is an economical choice in home heating.




Beckett Residential Burner

Residential Oil Burner Beckett Residential Burners are easy to install and to service, engineered to provide years of reliable service, and backed by solid technical support and fast delivery.




Residential / Commercial: Single Flue

Providing quality in construction, efficiency in performance and durability in operation has earned Bock a bit of a reputation: we're recognized as the leader in oil-fired water heaters




The Aero Series line of residential water heaters provides all the comforts of hot water with energy saving, clean and reliable performance. There are five residential models available in both center flue and rear flue configurations. Each and every one is ruggedly built to meet the highest standards in quality and dependibility. Aero Series residential water heaters also include exceptional standard features that are important to both you and your customers.





Oil Tank
All Residential Tanks are fabricated for inside or outside use in the storage of oil. These tanks can be made in the “Vertical” or “Horizontal” (flat) positions. Residential tanks are made according to the specifications of Underwriters Laboratories (UL) standard #80. These tanks are manufactured in 12 gauge and painted in gray or black powder coat. All residential tanks are manufactured with our UL Label by Granby Tank. 3 Year Limited Warranty.


Tank Cover

Roth International 65744 Tank

1.Weld-free galvanized steel outer tank capable of holding 110% of the primary tank

2. Seamless high-density polyethylene inner tank

3. Highly visible optical leak alarm

4. 55% lighter than a 12-gauge steel tank with a larger storage capacity.

5. Corrosion resistant steel filling system with external 2" thread, allowing for an even level in each tank when installed in groups

6. Burner feeding system consisting of a fusible link valve and check valve incorporated with supply and return port when using the optional Roth suction assembly.

7. Cover for outside use

Tank Tub Now Available in White or Beige


Beckett Burners

Carlin Burners

Z-Flex Chimney Liners

RUUD Water Heaters

New Yorker Boilers

Bradford White Water Heaters

Peerless Boilers 

Fuel Right Oil Additive